Friday, January 28, 2011

its the jumpoff right here

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are jumpoffs making out like bandits????
Definition- someone with whom you cheat with. also known as piece of game (p.o.g), piece of cake, bottom/gutter chick, if you want to get proper then you can just say mistress

ok yall we've all seen it before or hell some of us have been in the situation, jumpoffs being treated like queens/kings  & the main boo is treated like boo-boo.  jumpoffs nowadays don't seem to know there place, if there is such  a thing as a place for them. honestly i believe some of them don't know there place because whomever they are creeping with aren't making them stay in their lane. lets not sugarcoat it folks men & women have always cheated, but the difference between then and now is people are forgetting to take care of home. back in the day if you messed up somebodies home that was like signing your death certificate. anybody that knows me knows that im a tv junkie and i love my reality tv. i say that to say when i was watching real housewives of beverly hills it blew me away that camille grammer flew to n.y in hopes of saving her marriage when in reality when she arrived her husband wouldnt allow her to stay at THEIR apartment. he put her up in a hotel, while unbeknownst to her him and the jumpoff had been shacking up and that's why he didn't want her to stay at THEIR APARTMENT. WTF! I mean poor camille had to show her i.d to the doorman at the apartments after he argued her down that she wasn't MRS. GRAMMER. how embarrassing..let me continue to add insult to injury kelsey eventually impregnates the jumpoff and then wants to have a quickie divorce. WHY A QUICKIE DIVORCE ONE MAY ASK> well the lil bastard has proposed to the jumpoff and he wants to marry her ASAP. oh yeah he is not having the jumpoff sign a pre-nup! hmmm hes a dumbass and shes a lucky girl. run girl before his lawyer whispers in his ear 1 too many times.b Bandits i tell you. we all know the tale ofkim zolciak(housewives of atl) and big poppa. alicia keys and swizz beats. then the 2 vixens leann rimes and eddie cibirian. not to say i would ever be a jumpoff but the prospects of it all seems promising these days. unfortunately i am one that doesn't do well as anyones back-up or opening act. im beyonce not kelly or michelle to make it very clear. so please tell me are yall mad at the jumpoffs or do you feel like let em get it how they live


  1. I feel like the men that are fooling with the JO's is not putting them in their place because of the fact that some men are just complete idiots. some men also feel like the JO's are equal to their spouse (how they get that idea IDK).I cant say that I am mad at the women for being that mistress for the simple fact that I am not the one in the situation(that i know of). So i cant express true feelings on it. yes its wrong and trifling and everything else under the sun but I do know that if I ever get put in the situation, then my husband and his other bitch had better get ghost cause Im kicking ass first and taking names way later........LOL but hey! To each its own and its not for me to be pissed at the next woman, cause like in the last blog every one of us is human and they need companions as well even if it is someone elses man......*blank stare*

  2. @anomoyous- i agree i think they confuse being with the jumpoff with reality. when somebody is with a JO things are easy bc no expectations come with the situation. it comes with no solid committment! some people like it easy bc of the simplicity of it all. anybody that doesnt want to be challenged has major insecurities plaguing them and they truley dont realize it. nowadays its sad how this is becoming the norm. people say dont judge, i say dont put yourself in a situation where you wont be judged. hell wrong is wrong i dont care what end u slice tht loaf of bread

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! JOs are not staying in there place. But it is bc the men are not letting them no they're place. If they MUST cheat then they nerd to remember to take care of home and keep their mistress/jumpoff separate from his family and make her stay in her lane! Don't get me wrong I don't condone or promote cheating but if you must cheat then do it right or get out the relationship!

  4. I'm mad at both! "Jumpoff" needs to be added to the long list of relationship statuses. Me, I can't be a jumpoff...not the type. Once after a bad breakup, I entertained it because I was hurt and didn't want to place myself in a situation where I could be hurt again. But, I'm too selfish for that mess. Get your own, and leave the others alone. Jumpoffs have indeed lost their minds, though, when it comes to their rightful places. But because these men have left their wife and families and married the mistress, the jumpoff now believes she's the ish. WRONG! The next young, pretty thing will come along and snatch the man from the (former) jumpoff!