Thursday, January 27, 2011


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i look at our young men and ladies these days and i shake my damn head. let me start off by saying i am single and its not by default. boys grow up with the conception that when they become a certain age they are men. just because you act mannish doesn't mean that you are a man my dear. ladies grow up with the conception that because they are fucking, they know what love is. its sad to see what things have diminished to when it comes to relationships and marriages. a man prides himself on taking care of his lady, his home and his children, being a provider and a protector. a lady lets her man be a man without hesitation. a lady lets her man know shes proud that hes her man. I'm trying to become an optimist when it comes to relationships, but this is not an easy task. yeah, yeah, yeah i know some of y'all out there will say good men are out there. the pessimist in the back of my mind says "where are they", the optimist says " i know one day he will find me". yes this is a battle. i will say this i don't base my happiness on whether or not I'm in a relationship or not, but I'm only human and who doesn't want a companion. i would never expect a man to come into my life and teach me how to be a lady, just as i cant teach a boy on how to be a man. seems to me that this is becoming the norm of things though. i see people everyday stuck in bullcrap relationships, just for the sake of having a relationship.i dont' think that I'm the best thing since slice bread or anything, but i do hold myself and standards to a certain accord.  in order to be my man, i have to respect you as such. i can show/teach my man on how to love me, but that is two different things. i can count on my hand how many men i would consider to be good men. what else trips me out is when a man that ain't worth a penny with  a hole in it, has the audacity to speak on being a good man, or why women are single. MAN PLEASE. with all this being said i know that i could come across as more pessimistic than optimistic, but its quite the contrary. oh well I'm not looking for a diagnosis, i just want you guys to speak on the subject.

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  2. Yay, I'll be the first one to respond. Like you said, you can't teach and man how to be a woman...and vice versa. Therefore, I think it's important for women to recognize and acknowledge what she's dealing with when getting to know a person. Often times, we cross the line by letting our feelings be controlled by what's between our legs without getting to know that person. Then after that happens, it's hard for us to break ties because now, the connection is mingled in with the wrong kind of feelings(sexual). Also, as women we subconsciously raise boys because we stay with him thinking we can change him...or say: "he'll change." No! Wrong! Momma always said you can't change a twat out there is good enough to make a man change his ways...and who are we to try? Like I said, know what you have in a man and make a conscience decision as to rather you want to be with him-flaws and all. As far as good men, they do exist. I had the same mindset when it came to the endangered species...but once I decided that I would stop choosing relationships without consulting with God, the one for me came along. He's out there...keep yourself protected from all the frauds out there because there are many! When the right one comes along, you'll know. He won't be perfect, but he'll be perfect for you!

    ~Ms. Elle

  3. Well, me personally I feel that there are some good men out there, but I aint gone lie its really hard to find them. I mean these days its almost to a point that if I were single that I wouldnt want a man because they are either "gay", hoes, dope boys, woman abusers or just plain sorry. and i dont want either one of those types of men. Ive always been taught just to wait until that special man finds you because when you go looking then most likely you're gonna find some shit that aint what that is. Men and women are almost alike these days if you ask me so I say just hold on til mr right comes through.....