Sunday, January 30, 2011


Best Blogger Tips
Where do I start? Let me go down the list. 
Kim- How much more trashier can you get? You dont want to pay for the music that was produced for you. Pay up tramp. She talks shit but cant back it up. Kroy watch her because that tramp is not a lady.

Phaedra-I believe for the first time I actually saw a humane/motherly side to you. You made me cry. Some comments you make surely indicate you aren't a southern belle as you try to portray yourself to be. Loved the dress you wore to the wedding though.
Sheree- you are no Angela Bassett my dear perfect your craft before you try to may like you dont need direction. Honeychild dont talk about LaVita, she was trying to keep it real with you!

Kandi- Business is Business and its really to my dismay that its taking you so long to realize this. Kim is sneaky, trying to go behind your back. Thats some tom-foolery. I love you & your mothers relationship.

Cynthia-Girl I wish you would have ran. I believe there is a lot more going on with Peters and Cynthias relationship than what is being said. Her mother and sister where really at odds about her marrying him and my intuition is telling me that it's more than just the restaraunt failing. I wish them the best,but..well not buts I will just end it by saying I wish them the best.

Nene- I dont know where to begin. You're abrasive personality is a turn-off. I get having a strong personality, but sometimes she just needs to filter, in order to get across what she is really trying to say. Bryson is your son, but he has a lazy bone and one can tell just from looking at him that he loves being sorry. Let Kim be girl, everybody knows shes all talk. I hope everything works out for the best for Nene and Greg. 
Last but not least I cannot wait for the reunion! I follow the Housewives franchise, but these ladies are my favorites.