Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update: Dating her best friends ex

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I decided to talk to my best friend about the whole situation, but Im not going to lie I never got around to doing it. Sunday I prayed about at church, after church I kept praying. I know you and from reading some comments feel that this whole situation seems shady, I can understand that. I just want to say that this is not easy. Anyways to bring you updated like you asked I met up with him Monday night. I told him that I wanted to see where things went, but I didnt want to tell my bestie. He said he didnt like the idea of sneaking around, but he liked me so he would go along with it. I know im going to get slack for this but we kissed that night. I spent the night, I made him breakfast. We spent the day together. So far so good. Thats my update, thanks for the comments and advise but I think this is going to workout in my favor. Oh yeah my name is Jessica, well Im not going to lie thats not my name, but thats what you can refer to me as when you reply


  1. let me say this ms jessica. U are fucking with a dangerous situation. Normally I can say I wish people the best, but in your case I hope you dont come up fucked up. You say you prayed huh! Is this where prayer lead you to. If my best friend did this to me I would beyond livid. You never talked to your friend about this because you are out for "Jessica". Well honeybee its no fun when the rabbit got the gun, you seem to be a fairly educated lady and im sure the reason you are hesitating speaking to your bestie about this is because you know you are in violation. You know your bestie is not going to take this lightly. I always say people do exactly what they want to do. You may never email me again and it would not surprise me but I will say this again keep me updated. Oh let me end this by saying it seems that you are very sure as to where this relationship will go with o'boy, but have you guys even discussed what it is to date one another. Do you know if you are the only one. Yes I know he likes you...lets see how far like gets you sistergirl. Let me stop while im ahead

  2. p.s- i know i said let me stop but let me ask you this and you can email me or post it as a comment doesnt matter. If you cokking breakfast after a kiss what will you be doing after yall get it in! Im just saying you seem very gun-ho...minus the gun

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  4. "So far, so good." Is this a joke?!??!?! Sugar=free comment coming up>>>Are you that desperate for a man that you decide to sneak around with your current best friend's former boyfriend of a year? You sound like an immature girl! A man that really cares about you and wanted to be in a relationship with you isn't willing to sneak around with you. Men like that want ONE THING: that lil thing between your legs. And please don't tell no one else you prayed about his. God is not the author of confusion. Throwing that little tidbit of information doesn't excuse your whore-like actions.

    You all kissed...spent the night together...woke up, cooked breakfast...and spent the day together. Um is it just me or does something appear to be missing? Jessica, your days of being in a relationship with this guy are numbered! JESS YOU ARE A MESS!(LOL)

    Til I read another update on how Mr. NFL broke your vulnerable heart,

  5. @Mselle81
    ms elle you are on point i am speechless. i went back and read the 1st post and this is some maury povich mess

  6. now jessica i can kinda see why u wld like this guy but yo ass is wrong. in my hood we dont play tht shit.