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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Somethings Gotta Give

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 emailed to me anonymously         i like my best friends ex. im not a slut or nothing like that. i just like him and he likes me back. me and him have discussed going there but are hesitant because we know it will appear trifling. me and him have so much in common. we all keep the same circle of friends and everytime i see him i feel drawn to him. we can go in a corner and talk all nite about everything and anything. the chemistry is there, no doubt about that. Him and my bestie dated for a little over a year about 6 years ago, they parted with no hard feelings. when we all run into each other we all kick it like we are still in college. to be honest it seems like he is perfect for me, hes sexy, cute, educated, hes rich, believes in God, and he stays in shape because he's a professional football player. he invites me to his games and honestly sometimes i go. im more hesitatnt than he is. i dont want to lose out on a good man and i definitely dont want to lose my best friend. me and him have gone out to eat before and the times we have i  get extra just for him. we have never kissed only hugged, but i want to kiss him, i want to date him openly, i  want to be his lady and him my man. Two weeks ago he invited me to come visit him while he was out of town, he bought my airline ticket (1st class), I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in a suite that was like 2000sq ft, we slept together, but not sexually. the weekend was mind-blowing but on the last day my best friend called and i drew back from him and felt sooo guilty. He was upset but he says he understands why i feel how i feel, but he is ready to make it official and he is giving me 2 weeks to make my mind up or hes going to have put his feelings away and move foward with his life.   what should i do?  
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  1. ok you are asking for my opinion and im not a sugar coater. i can understand him coming across as your dream guy but i dont date my friends exes. especially my best friend. how would you feel if the sitaution was vice versa. now i can only speak on my friendships and with that being said the dynamics of you and your besties relationship may be different than mines. the best thing i can say is to sit down and discuss it with your bestie and maybe, and i mean maybe she will give you her blessings. to be honest you are already in violation with your dates and weekend rendezvous. if your bestie finds out any of this from anyone else besides you, its gone be some smoke in the city. tread lightly sweetheart. what if things dont workout with you and him. hell you are going to lose a man and a friend. honey be careful because this situation sounds like some lifetime movie type ish..or maury. mess in the city. whatever happens please keep all of us updated.

  2. I feel like there are other men out there that fit that bill and you don't need your BFF EX for that. For you to be even considering it you and her couldnt be that close because me and my REAL FRIENDS are more than friends were SISTERS and you definitely don't do that to blood.So whatever you decide to do YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE

  3. exes of my friends are off limits. that is some morally corrupt shit to do. i say cut your ties girlfriend before you lose a friend

  4. I think either way your relationship with your best friend will never be the same. If it were me, I don't care how close we once were, the fact you're considering being with an ex(with whom I dated for a year; therefore, there were definite feelings between us) speaks volumes of what type of friend you are. Exes of best friends are off limits! Men my best friend liked are even off limits. You crossed the line!

  5. i agree with u mselle81. "exes of best friends are off limits! Men my best friend liked are even off limits. You crossed the line!"- honey i just dont play games like that. im like girl u been all at the ritz-carlton with o'boy...girl if you are reading this i love to hear from this guy to get his viewpoint of this whole situation. i hate to relish in your situation, but if i can be frank by saying your situation has become a lil guilty pleasure of mine. im just saying---it is a juicy story.